In Darfur (English-language theatre with The TUDORS)

FilmplakatRegie:Marc Lalonde
Darsteller:The TUDORS (Technische Universität Dresden Off their Rockers Shakespeareans)
Produktion: 2024
Länge: min

In Darfur by Winter Miller
"A provocative account of three intertwined lives at a camp for internally displaced persons in Darfur. The story follows an aid worker's mission to save and protect lives, a journalist's pursuit to deliver a 'Page One' story and a Darfuri woman's quest for safety. It is a searing story of urgency and international significance."

Staged by The TUDORS (Technische Universität Dresden Off their Rockers Shakespeareans). Tickets €2 at the door, profits donated to charity.

Note: Can/Should "white" German university students play Darfuri victims and their torturers? Is this politically correct or is it just another form of cultural appropriation? The TUDORS have asked themselves these and many other questions before choosing to perform this powerful drama. Our intention is not to offend anybody, especially not those who have suffered so much already. Lest we forget, such horrible actions will reoccur even if the international community repeats “never again” after each tragedy, be it Auschwitz, Rwanda or Darfur. Children are currently dying in Gaza… Besides the moral and political components involved, we reflected on the artistic value wherein theatre always creates illusions. Of course, ethnicity and profession are not the same, since the latter is chosen, unlike one’s place of birth, but, if we are successful and convincing, the audience should be able to believe that some of the actors are aid workers, some are employed by a prestigious American newspaper, and, yes, some are Darfuris... To complete the illusion, we will not be in Darfur but in Dresden, in Coventry and in Wroclaw, yet nobody will question that. Finally, even if we had someone with "darker" skin in the cast, this student would not automatically be of African origin and, if so, Africa has 54 countries, so this person would not necessarily be from Darfur...
A portion of the royalties from In Darfur will be donated to anti-genocide organisations.