Dock to Dish

FilmplakatRegie:Darby Duffin, Adam Jones
Produktion:USA 2019
Länge:85 min
Sprachversion:OmeU (Englisch)
FSK:ohne Angabe

Umweltfilmabend in Kooperation mit der TU-Umweltinitiative (tuuwi). Eintritt frei!

In 2012 filmmakers Darby Duffin and Adam Jones began traveling North America to document the dramatic changes happening in the oceans and world of seafood. Almost ten years later their award-winning film *Fish & Men* was released and revealed to audiences around the world how consumer demand drives an irrational global seafood economy threatening fishing communities and public health. But the film also proved how communities led by pioneering chefs and fishermen were driving a movement to reconnect us back to our local seafood, through a movement known as Dock to Dish®. (Quelle: Dock to Dish)