Queer im Kasten (en)

The queer film festival from Kino im Kasten

As an introduction to the LGBTQ month of June, the queer film festival QUiK- Queer im Kasten is taking place. Seven films will be shown that reflect the historical and international queer development. The focus is not only on western productions but also on international films and filmmakers.


  • Fr. 24.May | 8:00 pm | And then we danced (OV w/ ger. subs)
  • Sa. 25.May | 4:00 pm | Mädchen in Uniform (german)
  • Sa. 25.May | 6:30 pm | Ammonite (OV w/ ger. subs)
  • Sa. 25.May | 9:00 pm | Happy Together (OV w/ ger. subs)
  • Su. 26.May | 4:00 pm | Gods own Country (OV w/ ger. subs)
  • Su. 26.May | 6:30 pm | Moonlight (OV w/ ger. subs)
  • Su. 26.May | 9:00 pm | Wet Sand (OV w/ ger. subs)

And Then We Danced (OV w/ ger. subs)

Set in Tbilisi, Georgia. Merab dances to get a place in the National Georgian Ensemble. Only when Irakli joins the group does everything seem to make sense. What is he dancing for? Merab discovers his love for Irakli, one of his biggest rivals for a place in the ensemble. He asks himself the most fundamental questions: love or career? He comes up against his limits in a country where homosexuality is still a taboo. Levan Akin's most powerful film to date, which shows Georgia's homophobia the hard fist.

Fr 24.May 2024, 8:00 pm

Mädchen in Uniform (german)

As one of the first openly queer films in German film history, "Mädchen in Uniform" from 1931 deals with the lesbian love of a schoolgirl for her teacher. The conformism of the girls' boarding school and the contempt Manuela experiences draw her into a phase of self-denial. A tragedy is in the making, which Manuela must withstand without losing herself and her love for Fräulein von Bernburg. Based on the 1930 play "Ritter Nérestan", Leontine Sagan dares to give lesbian love a face.

Sa 25.May 2024, 4:00 pm

Ammonite (OV w/ ger. subs)

Mary Anning, played by Kate Winslet, is an underestimated paleontologist in the world of men in the 1840s. A recluse, she lives on the boisterous south coast of England and searches for ammonites, fossils of a bygone era. The cool Mary is only disturbed by the sentimental but depressive Charlotte, played by Saoirse Ronan. Both suffer from 19th century society and soon find refuge in each other. Will their differences unite or divide them? It is not only in "Gods own country" that Francis Lee knows how to stage love in places where you least expect it.

Sa 25.May 2024, 6:30 pm

Happy Together (OV w/ ger. subs)

The two men Ho and Lai have a turbulent and impulsive relationship in Hong Kong. Their fundamental differences threaten to tear them apart and yet they try to save their love by making a fresh start in Argentina. They are confronted with different priorities and begin an incessant dance with each other; in conflict and in never-ending love. Wong Kar-Wai's most painful movie, which shows how intense human relationships can be.

Sa 25.May 2024, 9:00 pm

God's own Country (OV w/ ger. subs)

The farmer's son Johnny Saxby is as rough, volatile and intense as the Yorkshire landscape of England. Portrayed by Josh O'Connor, we get an insight into Johnny's volatile life full of alcohol and promiscuous sex. Only the Romanian seasonal worker Gheorghe, played by Alec Secareanu, seems to be able to penetrate Johnny's cool façade. Hate becomes love, but will it last in the volatile landscape? With "Gods own country", Francis Lee draws us into the reality of love and what can happen to it, dominated by self-hatred and self-doubt.

Su 26.May 2024, 4:00 pm

Moonlight (OV w/ ger. subs)

Little, Chiron and Black are three chapters in the life of a young man who has to come to terms with his own identity. We experience world-weariness with him, the first time he falls in love with another man and self-discovery in a world that despises him. The turmoil within himself and the clashes with the people around him force Chiron to decide who he wants to be. In Moonlight, Barry Jenkins shows the search for identity as a homosexual man in the heteronormative world of Miami's black community.

Su 26.May 2024, 6:30 pm

Wet Sand (OV w/ ger. subs)

Set on the Black Sea in Georgia, a family tragedy is brewing. Moe, played by Bebe Sesitashvili, granddaughter of Eliko, is called to organize the funeral of her grandfather. Eliko has hanged himself and Moe has to find out that her grandfather's love affair with Amnon, his partner, is not innocent. She investigates and forces an entire village to open its eyes. But what does the tragedy do to Moe herself? A story of denial and truth, affection and hatred, directed by Elene Naveriani, holds the realization that love cannot be killed.

Su 26.May 2024, 9:00 pm